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How to Homeschool Year Round ebook
by Richie Soares

Learn exactly how simple and flexible you can make your homeschool by homeschooling year round! When you read “year round homeschooling,” does your mind see you and the kids homeschooling 5 days a week 365 days a year? Because that’s TOTALLY NOT what year round homeschooling is!

It’s quite the opposite. You get MORE days off, shorter weeks, shorter lessons, and you will still meet your homeschool goals – probably exceed them.

You will learn how to set up your homeschool to a year round homeschool schedule, along with accessing 7 different homeschool schedules that you can choose to fit your family.

Year round homeschooling is the ULTIMATE flexibility-maker when it comes to homeschooling. You and your kids will love it and thrive even more!

Regular Price: $17

Homeschool Guide to Summer Success
by Amber J Smith

Summer is here and you all deserve a break, but do you have a nagging fear that this summer is going to be just like the last one. Your work load is not going to change. Sports and activities are going to fill your days, and you are going to end the summer with your projects undone, again!

Not this summer my friend. You are going to employ the strategies in this workbook and maximize your summer. The kids are going to choose a few meaningful pursuits and hone their skills while you get your goals in forward motion.

I’ll walk you through how to use the strategies I share in my sessions to win back your time and energies this summer. 

Regular Price: $40

6 Months FREE The Christian Growth Hub VIP Membership
by Anne Markey

Get encouragement and training to grow in your walk with God Today!
Start growing in your faith today through biblical teaching, and training all on your own terms. Join The Christian Growth Hub VIP Membership! A growing online membership for christian women who want to grow in their faith without feeling overwhelmed.

Regular Price: $150

Garden Birds – Gartenvögel Learning Languages in Nature
by Rachel Lechner

“Come and learn about GARDEN BIRDS and learn german or english at the same time! If you are looking to introduce german or english into your home or homeschooling routine, this course is for you.

This nature themed pack about garden birds makes learning languages fun and helps you get more time outdoors with your children.

Whats included:
Welcome, About me, Charlotte Mason inspired, What tools are we giving you to succeed, Flashcards, Outdoor Activities, Craft a bird feeder, Bird spotting sheets, Simple Sentences, Bonus – nesting birds, Bonus – Lesson plan sheet, Pronunciation videos.

If you are not introducing german into your homeschooling routine this pack is still a fabulous resource for learning about garden birds. Get in nature and start your language learning today!”

Character Training Children’s eBooks Volumes 1-4
by Charlene Hess

Access 4 volume of character building children’s book here JUST for being a VIP pass upgrader!

Regular Price: $20

Society of Literary Adventures – One Free Month Membership
by Dachelle McVey

Engage your teens in the classics and give them the tools they need for high school literature.

Regular Price: $18

The Once-A-Year Homeschool Planning System by Jan L. Burt
by Jan L. Burt

In this 9-part course, expect to see your prayer life grow and your faith increase. Jan’s diagnosis of heart failure plunged her into a lifestyle of living, breathing & praying the Word of God, and Psalm 91 has become a portion of the Bible that has changed her life. Come along on a journey to apply the profound and life-changing promises from this psalm to your daily life & your loved ones. Expect to be blessed as we get the promises of God into the people of God, right where they belong!

Regular Price: $37

Kid-Friendly Recipe Book
by Jen Mackinnon

Teach your kids how to cook with this kid-friendly recipe book! Dishes so easy, your kids can make them.

Regular Price: $19

America the Beautiful: Songs of America Course
by Justina Thurston

America the Beautiful: Songs of America is a music and history course which covers thirteen important patriotic songs of America. Students will read about the history of each song and learn the songs with a curated playlist of videos. Song sheets are also included. The course covers eight important songs like The Star-Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, God Bless America and Yankee Doodle plus the five songs of the United States Armed Forces.

Regular Price: $17

My First Report Geography Bundle
by Kristin Lehman

FREE DOWNLOAD BUNDLE. Download the complete set of My First Reports on US Geography.

Each regional packet contains sheets on each state in the region. The Appendix contains an outline map of each state. A list of additional facts about each state is included, too: such as the state bird, motto, date it became a state.

Using one topic per week, each packet will last an entire quarter. They can be three-hole punched and placed in a notebook. Included is a set of reproducible report forms with varying line heights.

Written with Grades 3 and 4 in mind; Grades 1 and 2 can do these with parental direction. These are perfect for remedial work for Grades 5 through 8.

Regular Price: $30

Optimize Your Life Workshop
by Matilda B Mhlanga

Discover 3 key areas of your life that you can take charge of so you can be more productive and get things done.

Regular Price: $47

Fear Not-Printable Feelings Workbook for Kids
by Mel Kistner

Fear Not- Printable Feelings Workbook for Kids is a 24-page printable with fun activities to help your child manage their emotions and trust God more. Designed by a former professional counselor and homeschool mom, the printable workbook includes pages that help kids identify and express emotions, learn coping skills and related Bible verses. Kids will learn ways to calm down when they are upset, trust God when they have fear and focus on God’s word.

Regular Price: $15

The Happy Homeschooling Momma e-book + Life Planner
by Rebecca Clark

The Happy Homeschooling Mom is a guide to staying healthy and sane while homeschooling your children. This book will help you find the right routine for your family, and will give you tips for maintaining your mental and physical health. The Life Planner is 37 printable pages that will help you stay on track with your monthly, weekly, and yearly goals. It includes a budget tracker, expense tracker, cleaning schedule, and more. This is the perfect tool for busy moms who want to make sure they’re staying on top of everything.

Regular Price: $25

Summer Alphabet Activities Bundle
by Sarah Miller

Are you looking for fun ways to help your child learn their letters, even if they can’t sit still?

This Summer Alphabet Activities Bundle includes puzzles, clip cards, play dough mats, and more designed to help you turn your wiggly toddler or preschooler into a lifelong reader.

Instead of “Do I HAVE to?” get ready to hear “Let’s do it again!” after trying these mom tested and kid approved activities.

Regular Price: $27

Crush math anxiety (2) - Allison Dillard

10 Min Math Success Strategy Sessions
by Allison Dillard

What’s your child’s #1 struggle with math? Math anxiety? Careless errors? Just hating math? In this quick powerful 1:! Zoom session, get author and former math professor’s advice on your #1 problem with math.

Regular Price: $37

The Fearless Editor Course
by Brenda Lane

Go through the Fearless Editor Course! Learn a new way to help your kids with writing!

Regular Price: $98

Character Training Toolkit
by Molly Christensen

Build heroes at home with the character training toolkit and manual!

Regular Price: $57

Preschool and Kindergarten Units
by Nicole Senden

Download Crafty Curriculum’s Days of Creation and Transportation unit for free! These engaging activities focuses on math and literacy concepts while teaching toddlers, preschoolers, and kinders about Jesus and ways of transportation and having fun. We supply many engaging unit plans and these are two of our best! Valued at $15 but you can grab it for free today!

Regular Price: $15

The Great Journey ebook 
by Christian Horstmann

In this beloved allegory, you’ll journey with Pilgrim as he winds through the Valley of Tears on his way to the City of Zion. Follow him through the Narrow-Way-Gate; and share in the richness of his spiritual experiences as he spends the night at the Royal Psalmist’s Palace, and as he passes through the Furnace of Affliction. 

Regular Price: $15

Winds of Change: Breezing Through Transition Virtual Workshop Bundle
by Katie J Trent

Includes lifetime access to the 30 minute teaching video and an instant download of the FREE BONUS BUNDLE with over 60 pages to help you thrive in seasons of uncertainty!

Regular Price: $40

Spanish Nature Study
by Suzanne Gose

From parents to children, we all need more time outside! Enjoy five whole weeks of audio and hands-on lovely outdoor lessons in Spanish for all ages. The entire family is sure to enjoy.

Regular Price: $15

 Free Money Basics Bootcamp Course
by Kawai Ah Quin

Inside this Course you’ll learn 5 Money Basics that’s not taught in Traditional School! Money Mindset for you & your Kids! Includes Curriculum that can be used Over & Over! Use it to help your family Reach your Money Goals! The entire family is sure to enjoy. Free for Lifetime VIPs Only! 

Regular Price: $107

Ladybugs Unit Study
by Kerry Beck

The Ladybugs Unit Study is intended for the whole family to learn together. Although it is geared towards elementary ages, preschoolers and middle schoolers will have fun learning, too. This unit study is based on 5 books about ladybugs. We choose the book and give you FUN activities to encourage learning.

Regular Price: $20


$2,497 worth of homeschool products to empower your homeschool.

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Upgrade now and you’ll also get 28 very special workshops not accessible in the free summit! For VIP passholders only!


  • You Don’t Have to Be an Expert Cook, but You Can Include Science, Math, History, and Literature Daily! by Brenda Lane
  • STEM Projects For The Whole Family – STEM Made Easy Chomping Dragon Activity by Charlene Hess
  • Lifestyle Homeschooling by Kawai Ah Quin
  • How We Homeschool with Three Young Children by Melissa Thierfelder
  • Homeschool all the kids in just an hour a day! by Molly Christensen 
  • How to Build a Homeschool Library by Rachel Guerreros
  • How to Plan Your Year Round Homeschool Year by Richie Soares
  • How to implement field trips in your year round homeschool schedule by Richie Soares
  • Building Speech Therapy Practice Seamlessly into Any School Day by Amanda Owens
  • Homeschooling Toddlers – Is there an easier way? by Carol Jones
  • How to Create Courses Designed Specifically for Your Kids by Dachelle McVey
  • Assessments Demystified by Kristin Lehman
  • How To Pick Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum by Penny Rogers
  • Are you Ready to Introduce a Foreign Language into your Homeschooling Routine? by Rachel Lechner
  • Avoid the Summer Slide by Christy Gandara
  • Should I start foreign language during the summer? by Suzanne Gose
  • Build Lasting Connections with Your Child in 2 Minutes a Day! by Aquilah Robinson
  • Teaching from a Place of Rest by Danielle Roberts
  • 4 Steps to Engage Your Kids as Critical Thinkers by Elisabeth Stitt
  • Calm the Chaos by Lisa Garrison
  • When Getting it Done Doesn’t Work by Lisa M Nehring
  • The 3 Essential Systems Every Mom Needs for Homeschool Sanity by Lisa Yvonne
  • How to reduce anxiety with your child by Rollie Allaire
  • Psalm 78: A Bible Study for Moms by Anne Marie Gosnell
  • How to spend quality time with The Lord without Adding to your to do list by Anne Markey 
  • Character Training That Lasts a Lifetime with Jan L. Burt
  • A Mind Transformed- Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety by Mel Kistner
  • Learning God’s Names With Your Children Nicole Onuska

You have everything you need to take your homeschool and strengthen it, empower it, and fine-tune it with creative solutions!

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lifetime vip all-access pass

  • VIP Lifetime Access to all 70 workshops – no waiting for you!
  • Ongoing access to all workshops ($1400+ value)
  • 28 In-Demand Workshops not available to the free summit – only accessible to the VIP you!
  • Private Podcast feed of ALL 100+ workshops 
  •  MP3 files accessible inside the workshops!
  • $2,497 in VIP BONUS swag bag homeschool products not accessible to free summit attendees from our sponsors, including PRODUCTS ONLY of courses, memberships, unit studies, curriculum packs, ebooks, workbooks, and much more! – you won’t find airy-fairy freebies in this bag, full high-quality homeschool products only!